Power pop power trio from the most powerful state in the union. I've never seen 'em play, so message Briana, Crystal and Brian to tell them its time to start their tour of global domination.

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Cold Pizza & Pop

Cold Pizza & Pop

When not sailing around the icy cold arctic waters of Minnesota, Skipper is busy making some of the best rock and roll songs us land lubbers will ever hear. This 4 song 7" is swimming with huge guitar hooks and sing-a-long choruses. Next time you set sail in an attempt to be the first person to row a boat across the Pacific, remember to bring your trusty compass and your trusty Cold Pizza and Pop.

Includes special bonus MP3 download not available on the EP.

Audio File: Skipper - Hangin' on the Telephone
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    Cold Pizza & Pop CCR007
    *** Includes free MP3 download ***
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