The Jinxes

LA's last remaining true trash rockers combine Fender fuzz guitar riffs, beat stomping drums, and what looks to be a Farfisa that fell out the back of the Mummy-mobile into a perfect mix of ear shattering noise. These fellas capture the energy of the 60's better than a pair of old AA batteries swiped from a Roky Erickson garage sale.

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Losers of the Battle of the Bands

Losers of the Battle of the Bands

The Jinxes and Teutonics may have lost the Battle of the Bands, but they easily get the #1 Trashiest Record award. Two hundred years from now, when deaf aliens take over planet Earth, this 45 will be used to subjugate the human race!

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    Losers of the Battle of the Bands BHR-001
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