Rantouls Fun Pack

by The Rantouls

Did the Rantouls tell you they are out of Frontier Villagers 45s but you still want one? Are you afraid that the Little Green Hat 7" is almost sold out and you still don't have yours? Do you want to show the world how much you love the Rantouls and Chocolate Covered Records with a shirt, a button, and a bag?

Ok, so you may be embarrassed if anyone knows that you support Chocolate Covered Records, but you can still show how much you adore the Rantouls!

Here is what you get:

  • The Frontier Villagers (as played by the Rantouls) 7"
  • The Rantouls Little Green Hat/Little Bit of This 7" (in black vinyl)
  • A Rantouls Chug-a-lug T-shirt that's perfect for cleaning up moonshine spills
  • A button featuring your pals, the Rantouls
  • A nifty little canvas tote bag to carry your junk in


$30.00 (U.S. shipping included)
Out of Stock!