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Wednesday at The River

Dec 12, 2007 9 pm at El Rio

With The Swiss Family Skiers and The Borstal Holiday. Show will start early and end early.


Early show: Ty Segall and King Khan and BBQ

Nov 18, 2007 6 PM at Hemlock Tavern


Traditional Fools opening for Jay Reatard

Nov 15, 2007 9 pm at The Stork Club

Can Ty play drums or guitar with a broken arm? I doubt it, but this will be the show to find out.


Accoustic Dreamdate at the Knockout

Dec 2, 2007 9 PM at The Knockout


The Best Tuesday show EVER!

Nov 13, 2007 9 pm at The Stork Club

Chocolate Covered recording artists the Rantouls and Dreamdate will be teaming up with San Francisco garage rockers Les Hormones and the world renowned DJ Duke of Windsor for a rock and roll charged Tuesday night. Make sure to tell your boss you'll be in late Wednesday!


Garage at Gilman

Sep 8, 2007 9pm at 924 Gilman

Dreamdate and the Traditional Fools play with the Rock'n'roll Adventure Kids and Les Hormones at everyone's favorite all-ages, volunteer-run venue.


Rocknroll dance party at the Fabric House!!

Sep 7, 2007 10pm at The Fabric House

The Traditional Fools and the Rantouls and Boys Club (Minneapolis) and the Fabric House.
This'll be one for the history books.


Rantouls in SF!

Aug 1, 2007 8 pm at The Rickshaw Stop

The Rantouls play with the Barbary Coasters and the Teutonics.


Traditional Fools Record Release at the Cereal Factory!

Jul 8, 2007 3 PM at The Cereal Factory

The Traditional Fools will be playing at the Cereal Factory with the Rantouls, No Bunny, and the Okmoniks. Come get the new Traditional Fools 7"!


Sights from the Show

Harold Ray and the Rantouls in SF

Jun 2, 2007 9 PM at El Rio

Dreamdate doing Amoeba In-store

Jun 1, 2007 6 PM at Amoeba SF

It would seem Amoeba loves Dreamdate as much as the rest of us. Check them out as they attract 100's of H-O-T indie rocker high school boys!


Make a DuNorde Date with Dreamdate

Apr 29, 2007 9 PM at Cafe Du Nord

Down at Du Du... Du Du's!


Traditional Fools at the Rickshaw Stop

Apr 26, 2007 9 PM at The Rickshaw Stop

Rickshaw Stop w/ Her Grace the Duchess & The Struts


The Traditional Fools invade the East Bay!

Mar 27, 2007 9PM at The Stork Club

With Black Time and the Impediments.


Dreamdate in Davis

Apr 15, 2007 8pm at Delta of Venus

w/ the Nods of Recognition


Dreamdate west coast tour hits... San Francisco...

Apr 7, 2007 9pm at Hotel Utah

w/ the Rantouls & the Pets!


Sights from the Show

Sounds from the Show

    Audio File: The Pets - The Other Way

Dreamdate west coast tour hits Vancouver, BC!

Apr 5, 2007 8pm at Pat's Pub

w/ Vancougar & The Yesterdais!


Dreamdate west coast tour hits Seattle!

Apr 4, 2007 9pm at The Comet Tavern

w/ The Glasses & Brush!


Dreamdate west coast tour hits Olympia!

Apr 3, 2007 8pm at Le Voyeur

w/ The Glasses & Onyx of Olympia!


Who's going to see the Fools? I AM! I AM!

Mar 25, 2007 9 pm at Hotel Utah

The Traditional Fools play with the Cheat.


A Real Boss Hoss Showcase

Feb 18, 2007 at Mr. T's Bowl

The Knights of the New Crusade, The Shruggs, The Traditional Fools, The Be Neats, St. Jorge & the Dragons, Tristan & the Tramps


garage rock and art show

Feb 15, 2007 7 pm at AR+Space

The Traditional Fools play with Les Hormones, The Hysterians, & The Countless Others at some art show.


Dreamdate west coast tour hits Long Beach!

Mar 31, 2007 9 pm at Que Sera

with Dirty Girls



Mar 30, 2007 9 pm at The Uptown

As you can tell from all the caps in the title, this is an important show.  It marks the very first bona-fide full-length CD release from Chocolate Covered Records and our sparkling recording artists, Dreamdate.  Harold Ray Live in Concert, The Traditional Fools and Social Studies will join Dreamdate onstage at the Uptown to commemorate this special occasion.


Sights from the Show

Sounds from the Show

    Audio File: Dreamdate - Break Up

SF Asian American Film Festival

Mar 21, 2007 9 pm at The Rickshaw Stop

Dreamdate, Scrabbel and KIIIIII from Tokyo.


Ryan Mothball's Last SF Show

Jan 10, 2007 10 PM at The Knockout

Come to Ryan's last show in SF before moving to Hawaii. The Mothballs will be playing with the Touch Me Nots.


Dreamdate at the Rickshaw

Jan 25, 2007 8 PM at The Rickshaw Stop

Also featuring: Music For Animals, Dealership, Hello Goodbye


Oakland Super Stars Go Solo

Jan 15, 2007 6 PM at Mama Buzz Cafe

Come out to Mama Buzz to see your favorite Oakland rockers croon with their acoustic guitars.

Greg Ashley
Brian Glaze
Yea-ming Chen

Another party to out do the last

Jan 12, 2007 9 PM at The Front House

Its that time of the month again. We are having a party at my house. The Mothballs will be playing, so come see Ryan's last chance to play the Farfisa with his toes.


Jeff's New Year's Eve Party

Dec 31, 2006 9 PM

Come welcome Jeff to Oakland by trashing his house! No, no, scratch that. Welcome Jeff to Oakland by twisting to his DJing and dancing to some great bands!  The Traditional Fools open up for the Rock'n'roll Adventure Kids.


Sights from the Show

Sounds from the Show

    Audio File: The Traditional Fools - Rock and Roll Baby

The Jack London Squares return one last time!

Dec 22, 2006 9pm at 924 Gilman

along with the Skyflakes and the V-Town Have Nots

Get Smarterest

Dec 15, 2006 9 PM at The Front House

Join local favorites Harold Ray Live in Concert and the Mothballs, along with the red-headed, bastard step-children of the Swiss Family Skiers for a night of garage rock lunacy. Feel free to come over, get drunk, pass out in the living room, then wake up to a Get Smart marathon - Don Adam's favorite peanut butter dip will be provided!

Bands are going on no later than 10 since no bands will be playing later than 12. Don't feel the need to make an entrance or you will miss out.


Go on! Get giddy up at the Uptown!

Dec 14, 2006 9 PM at The Uptown

The Pets and the Makes Nice try to one-up the Time Flys at Oakland's hottest venue.


Pre-Halloween Popfest!

Oct 27, 2006 9 PM at The Stork Club

Dreamdate is going to be playing with the Makes Nice and the Rantouls.


The Makes Nice at the Uptown

Sep 28, 2006 8:30 at The Uptown

The Makes Nice
Disgust of Us


King Khan and BBQ back again!

Oct 19, 2006 9 pm at The Stork Club

If you still haven't seen the King Khan and BBQ Show, now is the time to either A) get a new car alarm and drive out to Oakland or B) start taking karate lessons for your walk from BART to the Stork. Yeah, they are playing at Bottom of the Hill the next night, but i promise you will want to see them twice.


Post-augtoberfest and Pre-octoberfest House Party

Sep 16, 2006 10 pm at The Fabric House

From Paul:
FABRIC HOUSE PARTY Wif crazy bands The Hysterians! The Rantouls! & Connie Fuckin Francis! Oh and Betsy and The Teen Takeover has agreed to play last (drunk) after the main headliner bands... Well, it's better than listening to randumb drunk assholes jamming and singing rap metal lyrics at 2am (it's happened before, and it's a pain in the ass to get them to stop). Bands start at 10:30 and or when ever they feel like it. BYOB see youse!!!!


Sep 22, 2006 10 pm at Hemlock Tavern

Harold Ray: Live in Concert! supported by thee L.A. Gentlemen Callers and the Makes Nice

Make way for the Armitage Shanks

Sep 17, 2006 9 pm at John Patrick's

The Armitage Shanks (all the way from the UK) play with the Flakes and the Mothballs in Alameda on a Sunday night... come on, it'll be fun.


Oakland vs. Vancouver (in SF)

Sep 29, 2006 10pm at Annie's Social Club

The Mothballs and the Pets face off against Ladies Night, on tour from Vancouver


Tetris Tournament

Sep 6, 2006 9 pm at The Stork Club

Tetris Championship Timeline
Wednesday, February 15, 2006: Aaron crowned as the first Tetris Champion.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006: Amy crushes all competition to become the first female Tetris champion.
Wednesday, July 12, 2006: I wasn't there so I'm sure no one else was.
Wednesday, September 6, 2006: Who will walk away as the champion this time? Or be sober enough to walk away at all...


Free Show, BBBQ

Sep 16, 2006 4 pm at The Cereal Factory

Them There Skies, the Sandycoates, Dreamdate, and Ryan & Lo will play in the basement. Ya never heard of the Sandycoates? Well its none other than Greg Moore with the dreamiest and dating-est backup band possible. You definitely don't want to miss it!